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Positive Productions Plus was founded with the desire to impact the world one life at a time. Through our products we will aspire to touch the heart of every man, woman and child with life affirming, God inspired entertainment from every medium. We strive to produce quality entertainment that will strengthen, inspire, teach, and nurture all those who experience it and aid them in fulfilling their God anointed role with compassion and integrity in the midst of diversity.

Current Products

The Bagleys

The World According To The Bagley's is a 3D animated series for children 3-8 years old. The shows are Christian-focused and feature multi-ethnic characters addressing issues faced by children and families. These characters live in a simple world with cultural diversity and strong family values.  It’s a neighborhood that adults will find harkens back to a time when things were simple and carefree, and children will find highly relatable and comforting.

Current Projects

The Bagleys
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The World According To The Bagley's is proud to present the premiere of "" coming soon! This Internet on line show will have various clips and geared for kids by kids. The shows MC is Isaiah. Come join the fun, premiering September 1, 2016







Here at Positive Productions Plus we are not only creative artist, but we are gamers as well. So it only made sense that we pursue this avenue. More to come.




Future Projects

The Bagleys

Virtual Reality DEVELOPMENT

The Bagleys
The Bagleys


The World According To The Bagleys Sing -a- Long CD and digital download.








The World According To The Bagleys DVD #2 "My God Is Love!"




We are so excited in be right in the middle of this new form of Entertainment. Check our online to purchase your own VR Headset. More to come on this exciting new development.







Dale, Been checking out your kids' video (The World According To The Bagley's). Am I seeing a "new" Veggie Tales empire in the making? You had an impressive lineup of people working on this with you.







My kids (8,7, and3) absolutely LOVED The World According to the Bagley's! They giggled all the way through it and learned great biblical lessons too!









We purchased The Bagleys DVD today at DBQ Con and my 7 year old loved the show.!











My 3 year old daughter absolutely loved it she immediately memorized all the songs and she grasped the concept with ease. She kept repeating the DVD and actually chose THE BAGLEYS over MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE! I personally love the message and I enjoyed watching this with my daughter!




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The Bagleys